ATM Cards: know how to block your Access Bank ATM Card

Banks have devised easy means which helps customers block their ATM Card(s) without having to step foot in their respective banks of service.

You may need to block your ATM cards if any of the following incidences occur:
– Your ATM Card has been stolen and,
– When you think your mobile banking password, internet banking password or even your ATM pin has been compromised.

So, how can you block your Access Bank ATM Card?

  • Contact Access Bank

The fastest way to block your card is to contact Access Bank across a variety of platforms. From the list of contact details below, you can choose the most convenient for you.

Phone Numbers:
> +234 1- 2712005-7 (For card queries)
> +234 1 280 2500
> +234 1 733 2000
> 0700CALLACCESS (0700 22552 22377)

Social Media:
> Facebook: AccessBank PLC
> Twitter: @myaccessbank
> Twitter: @Accessbank_help

> or you can visit the official Access Bank website.

Mobile App:
> Open the app – Navigate to Cards & Cheques – Manage Cards – Block (Choose account to block) – Enter PIN/Token – Block Card.

What should be your next steps after successfully blocking your Card?

  • Transfer your funds.
  • Apply for a new ATM card at the nearest branch.
  • Unlink your online banking information from stolen/lost card.

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