Car maintenance: Stay safe during the rainy season

Your car maintenance is a very important action that you must take to ensure your car remains in good condition. This makes you rest assured of your safety when driving, especially in the rainy season.

We have compiled a list of actions to adhere to during the rainy season to ensure your car maintenance is in check.

Follow these car maintenance steps:

  • Clean after the rain

When you let rainwater settle on the body of your car, it becomes detrimental to the paint of the body. So, we advise that you wash your car after you are done with driving for the day.

  • Seal off any openings

Sealing off any openings remains important so that rain does not leak into your car. Be sure to check the rubber lining on doors and repair or replace them in case the linings are torn off or damaged.
Moreover, grease the door hinges to make them completely watertight. The exposed metal parts may develop rust due to continuous exposure to water. Spray these areas with an anti-corrosion product to prevent weathering.

  • Protect the interiors from water and moist

It’s not rare to discover wet carpet and flooring when you are driving in the rain, especially in flooded areas. We suggest you use fabric car mats instead of rubber so that any liquid that enters can be easily soaked up.
Also, always keep a set of replacements in case of emergencies.

  • Check your tires

Driving in the rain can be tricky because you have to often drive on slippery, muddy surfaces. So, check that your tire tread is at the right depth, and the inflation is at the proper level to ensure better driving comfort and protection when driving on rainy days.
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