Nigeria 2019 Election Updates: Results Are In

The coalition of results commenced on Sunday at the National Collation Centre. So far, 5 states have their results unfolded. They are: Ekiti State Presidential Results AAC: 400 ANN: 88 APC: 219,231 PDP: 154,032 YPP: 68 Osun State Presidential Results AAC: 1,022 ANN: 268 APC: 347,634 PDP: 337,377 YPP: 189 FCT Presidential Results AAC: 583 …

Nigeria 2019 Election Updates: Know What’s Happening

You can report any mismanagement you witness at your polling units. INEC has provided hotlines which anyone can contact. and they will provide a solution as soon as possible. These are the steps to take: Be specific with your location while reporting issues i.e. your polling unit address. Kindly provide the name of the State, …

2019 Elections: Friday Declared Public Holiday

Friday public holiday

The Federal Government of Nigeria has declared Friday, February 22nd 2019 as a public holiday. The public holiday, however, excludes bankers and those offering essential services across the nation. The reason behind the declaration is to enable citizens return to their polling units for the rescheduled Presidential and Parliamentary election.