Common Coronavirus Misconceptions: Some False Facts People Fear

The coronavirus keeps spreading and it doesn’t seem like the rate will reduce any time soon.

However, this article will explain why you should have little cause for fear.

The total number of confirmed cases in stands at 44,000+  with 393 outside of china in 24 countries as at today. The death toll is now at 1,100 plus.

A high percentage (80%) of the victims are over the age of 60 and 75% had some form of underlying condition.

A worldwide crisis?

Outside of China, the prevalence of the virus remains far lower.

The World Health Organisation has cleared the air by saying that the disease is not a pandemic.

Majority of patients have a link to China.

Countries are ensuring they do their best to manage the disease and curb spread.

An Economic Conundrum?

The Chinese stock markets reported major losses on Monday, their first day open following the Lunar New Year break. Shanghai and Shenzhen recorded ther worst numbers since 2015 and 2007 respectively.

Reports also state that the value of the Chinese yuan also fell and global oil prices have suffered.

Treatment Measures

The World Health Organization (WHO)  acknowledged that it is challenging to contain the virus because of global mass movement, but trust that the control measures in place will stop transmission.

“We believe it can be done with containment measures currently in place,” Sylvie Briand, director of the Infectious Hazards Management Department at the WHO, said on Tuesday.

Chinese health officials said that the average time needed for a patient to recover is nine days. Choose from multiple language options on how you want to learn about the Coronavirus

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