COVID-19 Safety Measures and Protocols by Sector

Following the recent easing of the lockdown, the Lagos State Government has set a comprehensive list of robust guidelines and safety measures to enhance sustainability while containing the spread.

These policies and strategies will serve as a framework – applicable to all locations where business activities are undertaken – for maintaining essential functions and services without compromising the safety of the people.

To emphasize the safety protocol, four (4) control measures must be strictly adhered to and enforced. They are:

  • Increasing the physical distance between business spaces.
  • Frequently cleaning surfaces.
  • Frequently washing hands with soap and water or the use of alcohol-based sanitizers.
  • The mandatory use of face masks.

Additional safety precautionary measures to be taken include:

  • Periodic deep cleaning and disinfection of facilities to maintain hygienic environments.
  • Deactivating biometric systems for access to facilities.
  • Encouraging frequent sanitization breaks for employees.
  • Limiting the capacity of elevators to enforce social distancing.

The document contains sectorial safety guidelines for businesses.
This covers the:

  • Informal Sector
  • Construction Industry
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Retail Outlets and Shopping Malls
  • Eateries, fast food restaurants and Food and Packaging Business
  • Financial institutions.

Read the full document here.

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