Ex BBN winner Mercy Eke saves life of father and daughter

Mercy Eke who is known as the first female winner of the popular reality TV show Big Brother Naija was highly applauded for her selfless act towards a little girl and her dad in Lagos when she saved their lives after they were involved in a hit and run. 


According to a Twitter user known as Gift Ama, the little girl and her father were crossing the road when a Rolls Royce driver ran over them and fled. Mercy was reportedly driving by at the time when she saw the incident and decided to help. 


The man who was hit was immediately unconscious, while his little girl was critically injured, Mercy hurriedly rushed them both to the hospital. 

Not only did Mercy pay the hospital bills, she also gave extra money to a young man who helped carry the little girl and her father in mercy’s vehicle to the hospital in case anything came up. 


With all the cruelty going on in the country it’s good to know there are still people like Mercy Eke who will offer help when it’s needed.

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