Know How To And The Steps To Vote.

It is important that all voters have an idea of what to do and how to do it when they get to their polling units to carry out the voting exercise.

The voting procedure goes as follows:

Step 1:
– Join the queue at your Polling Unit
– Wait in line for the INEC official (APOIII) to approve your polling unit
– Your face will be compared with that on your PVC
– Upon satisfaction, you will be directed to the next INEC Official (APOI).

Step 2:
– Card genuity will be confirmed using a Smart Card Reader (SCR) by an INEC Official (APOI).
– Confirm your PVC by placing your fingers on the card reader. (The card reader contains the name, photograph and fingerprints of all those registered in their Polling Unit).

Step 3:
– INEC Official (APOII) confirms your PVC details in the Voters Register. (Your name will be ticked and your PVC returned to you).
– Show accreditation to vote by getting indelible ink applied to the cuticle of your finger. by an INEC Official. Please, note that if your name is not found on the register, you will not be allowed to vote.

Step 4:
– Endorse the date at the back of your ballot paper with the Presiding Officer (PO).
– Get directions to the voting cubicle where you vote in secret from the PO while he/she will roll the ballot paper with the printed side inwards and give it to you.

Step 5:
– Dip your finger in the ink provided then use your stained finger to mark the space or box provided on the ballot paper for your preferred candidate/party. – Roll the marked ballot paper (in the manner the PO gave to you).

Step 6:
– Leave the voting cubicle and drop the ballot paper in the ballot box in full view of people at the Polling Unit.

Step 7:
– Leave the Polling Unit or wait if you so choose, in an orderly and peaceful manner, to watch the process up to the declaration of result.

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