Know How To Detect The Fraudulent Phone Sim Swap Threat

The SIM swap threat puts your identity under threat.
It gives an attacker access to a victim’s sensitive information such as bank accounts, credit card numbers among others.

Find out how to detect the fraudulent phone sim swap.

How It Works

  • Your potential victim’s phone network will momentarily go blind (No Signal / Zero Bars).
  • The victim receives a call after a while
  • The victim will be asked to press “1” on the phone to get the network back.
  • Once done, the victim’s phone will lose connection to the network again and the fraudster will receive all the SMS and voice calls intended for the victim.
  • This allows the fraudster to intercept any one-time password (OTP) sent via SMS or telephone calls sent to the victim; giving the hacker access to any accounts (social media, bank, etc.) that require phone verification.

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