Know How To Get Your Birth Certificate/Retrieve Lost Ones

You can get a birth certificate only if you’re under 18. For those above 18, you will be issued an attestation letter which backs up a sworn Age Declaration Affidavit.

The processes to get the attestation letter and birth certificate are given below.

Getting Attestation Letter (for those above 18)
You will need:
– 2 passport photos
– A photocopy of any valid means of identification.
An affidavit sworn on your behalf by your Mother, Father, sister, brother uncle etc but the person must be older than you. 
If you’re not in Nigeria you can send someone to do it for you in which case the person will have to bring one passport photograph and a valid means of Identification.

Once all documents are ready, take them to the State Office in the state you are in.

Getting Birth Certificate (for those under 18)
The following steps will help.
– Visit the National Population Commission located in the State Local Government Secretariat.
– Fill the form for your birth certificate. The form comes at a particular cost.
– Obtain an Age Declaration Certificate. The presence of a parent is usually required before an Age Declaration Affidavit can be obtained.
– Submit the Age Declaration Affidavit to the NPC office and a birth certificate will be issued.

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