LASDRI – Know why you should get your professional license

Lagos State Drivers’ Institute (LASDRI) is a professional body that issues a drivers license to individuals after they must have undergone certain practical tests.

The Lagos state government, in a bid to reduce the reckless driving as seen on Lagos’ roads, has requested that all drivers get a professional driver’s license from LASDRI. Therefore, any one using professional drivers is advised to ensure their drivers possess the LASDRI License.

To encourage full participation by professional drivers and ensure safety on our roads, the price of getting the LASDRI license has been subsidized to Two Thousand Naira payable at designated banks once a year.

There are three windows are available for training of drivers namely, the Mandatory Professional Drivers’ Course, the Rehabilitation Course, and the Structured Course.

The fine for professional drivers without a license is as high as N250,000 and N50,000 for private drivers.

The Application form can be downloaded from the Lagos State Drivers’ Institute website, filled form with all necessary details are to be submitted to the head office at Oshodi, telephone: 08191143538, email:

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