Make The Most Of The COVID-19 Economic Situation

For some, the economical effects of the pandemic (COVID-19) offers a great opportunity to reflect, take a deep introspection, build their core skills via online classes, establish deeper bonds with their family/friends and a lot more things.

We’ll share free online courses that you can currently take through this period of self-isolation and economic shutdown. All you need is a phone with internet connection.

We’ll also share some tips for freelancers and those who will be working from home. The best way for bosses to handle remote working and keeping up with their staff. Tools and systems for efficiency.

First, we’ll share some quick tips to guide you while you start your journey to success.

Quick Tips To Complete Online Courses.

How to complete a 40 hours online course in 2020:

– Squeeze in 2 hours on weekdays.

– Sacrifice 3 hours on weekends.

– Monday – Friday = 10Hrs

– Saturday and Sunday = 6Hrs

If consistently adhered to, course will be completed in 3 Weeks, and you’d have unlocked a new skill. You can then look on to gaining other skills.

Things To Note Before Getting Professional Certifications.

Before you get professional certifications, do some research by yourself. Below is a list of things you should look out for:

– The relevance of the certificate across industries

– Is it a certificate that’s in demand by employers?

– Does the certificate and your goals align?

– Future commitments (renewal, tiers etc)

– What is the value for money (job opportunities, higher pay etc)
@FunkeOnafuye (Twitter)

Have you had the nudge to rework your CV, but you’ve not had the time? These tools will help you build a bespoke CV.

Courtesy @momentswithBren (twitter).

For developers who want to improve their coding skills, these games will make enjoy what you do even more while improving your skillset.

– CodeMonkey

– Flexbox Defense

– Ruby Warrior

– CodeCombat

– Robocode

– Cyber Dojo

– Code Wars

– CodinGame

– Flexbox Froggy

– Code Hunt

Sometimes, an effective way to learn is to play with what you are trying to learn.

Courtesy of @TundeTASH (twitter).

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