Must-Have Items in Your Vehicle (Private and Commercial)

By law, every vehicle is expected to have 5 mandatory items when plying Lagos roads. Along with these items are other advisory items motorists must carry to avoid any hassle from road authorities.

Mandatory Items:

  • The Warning Triangle
  • A Fire Extinguisher
  • A Spare Tyre
  • Vehicle Papers/Documents

NOTE: Those with tinted vehicles must be sure to acquire a tint permit for their vehicles.

  • Driver’s License

NOTE: For vehicles that transport cargo like trucks or vans, they’ll need a hackney permit.

Advisory Items You Should Have:

  • Jack
  • Wheel Spanner
  • First aid Kit
  • Spare Fan Belt
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Torch Light
  • Water

Owners of Private Vehicles

If you own a private vehicle, be sure to buy and keep all of the aforementioned mandatory items.

Get a tint permit with these easy steps:

  •  Visit the nearest police station and make an inquiry about how to get a tint permit, you might be attended to right there or redirected to a bigger branch in the area.
  • Go with your vehicle documents, your passport photograph, a valid doctor’s prescription, and your driver’s license.

OR, you can simply begin your processing by visiting the official website for tint permits here.

NOTE: Getting a tint permit is free, on some occasions.

Owners of Commercial Vehicles

If you own a commercial vehicle that transports cargo, amongst the list of mandatory items, you must have your hackney permit which authorises your vehicle to carry and transport cargo.

Register and get your hackney permit by visiting the nearest FRSC station with your vehicle documents.

Visit the Federal Road Safety Website for more information on transportation on Lagos road networks.

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