Nigeria Will Introduce 3 New Visa Types, What Should You Know?

New categories of visas are set to be introduced by the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) as part of its visa reform.

The Comptroller General of Immigration (CGI), Mohammad Babandede, disclosed this in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Benin stating that the categories being considered were:
– visa for tourists
– visa for retirees outside the country who wish to retire in Nigeria and,
– visa for incentive/investors.

Read more about the reason behind the initiative here.

What Categories Already Exist?

1. Transit Visa
The Transit Visa is available to citizens of all countries except ECOWAS Nationals who don’t require a visa to visit Nigeria due to abolition agreements. It is also available for Foreign Travelers wishing to enter Nigeria for an onward destination outside the country.

2. Tourist Visas
Tourist Visas just like Transit Visas are available to citizens of all countries except ECOWAS Nationals who don’t require one to visit Nigeria due to abolition agreements.

3. Business Visas
This is for Foreign Travelers who wish to visit Nigeria for the purpose of Meeting, Conference, Seminar, Contract Negotiation, Marketing, Sales, Purchase distribution of Nigerian Goods, Trade Fairs, Job Interviews, Training of Nigerians (Humanitarian Services), Emergency/Relief work, Crew members, Staff of NGOs, Staff of INGOs, Researchers, Musical Concerts.

4. Diplomatic Visas
This visa type is available to:

  • Visiting Heads of States and their families
  • Top officials of Government and their families
  • Accredited Diplomats and their families
  • Holders of United Nations / International Agencies Diplomatic Passport and Laisser Passez

Other types of visas are:

  • Temporary Work Permit available only to experts invited by Corporate Bodies to provide specialized skilled services, such as after-sales Installation /Commissioning/Upgrading/Maintenance/Repairs of equipment and machinery, Training /capacity-building for Nigerian staff, Audit of machinery/ equipment and financial records
  • Subject to Regularization available to:
    – Expatriate employees of Companies and their dependants
    – Expatriate Technical officials of Missions
    – Foreign Students
    – Missionaries / Clerics and their dependants
    – Research Fellows
    – Expatriate Staff of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and their dependants
    – Expatriate Staff of International Non-Governmental Organisations (INGOs) and their dependants
    – Government Officials (GOs) and their dependants
    – Expatriates employed by companies operating in Free Zones and their dependants

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