Prepaid meter: Questions on the asset provider scheme you should know of.

When it comes to acquiring a prepaid meter and pondering reasons why there is no electricity supply, many Nigerians experience difficulties here and there as regards various factors.

We will answer some of the most asked questions here.

  • How can you apply for a prepaid meter?

The metering Plan is strictly an online-based scheme with a designated website
Your bill 10 digit account number serves as your login details.

  • You can’t register because your debt is too high? Here’s what you should do.

There are payment schemes which can help you out depending on your financial buoyancy. The schemes are:
(A) Outright payment of debt attracts 10-15% discount on the total sum owed
(B) Payment on 3 Installments with 6% discount granted on 3rd Installment.
(C) Spread of Debt between 1 to 46 months depending on outstanding. Please note that before a spread of outstanding can be agreed, a minimum payment of #20,000 will be paid out of the debt and remaining then spread.

  • You don’t agree with your debt? Here’s how you can fix that.

The MAP scheme registration process has a place to address this issue. When it gets to the debt section, select “Disagree with Debt”. It automatically sends a mail to the Debt Dispute Resolution Team. You will be invited to have a chat to discuss the debt. However, please make sure you have evidence to back your claims.

  • Are prepaid meters for sale?

According to the regulation that empowered the Meter Asset Providers as approved by NERC, meters are to be acquired at N38, 850 (Single Phase Meter) and N70, 350 (3-Phase Meter). Note that cost is VAT inclusive.

Should you have any challenge in registering or have any more questions, please call 0700-022-5543, or send an email to

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