Some Key Facts You Should Know About The Third Mainland Bridge

The Third Mainland Bridge is an 8 lane bridge that is regarded as the longest in Nigeria and West Africa, with a total length of 11.8km. The bridge construction initially started under President Shehu Shagari’s Government in 1980, but was later completed through the joint effort of Gen. Ibrahim Babangida and the Raji Rasaki led Government in 1990. The bridge was once the longest bridge in the whole of Africa before it was surpassed by the 6th October Bridge located in Cairo Egypt in 1996.

Fun Fact

  • Third mainland Bridge was commissioned by Gen Ibrahim Babangida on his Birthday the 17th of March 1990.
  • The original name of the bridge is Ibrahim Babangida Bridge.

Why is it called Third Mainland Bridge?

It is called Third Mainland Bridge because it is the third bridge that connects Lagos Island to the Mainland, while the two other bridges are Carter and Eko Bridge. The bridge starts from Oworonshoki, which is linked to the Apapa-Oshodi Expressway and Lagos Ibadan Expressway, and ends at Adeniji Adele interchange on Lagos Island.

Who constructed Third Mainland Bridge?

The bridge was constructed by a reputable engineering company called Julius Berger Nigeria Plc.

What was the cost of the Bridge Construction?

The Babangida led administration spent less than 1 Billion to complete the bridge.

What was the cost used in repairing Third Mainland Bridge?

The bridge was renovated at a total cost of 1.05 billion in 2013, when commuters of this road complained they felt vibrations when driving on the bridge. It was closed for renovation sometime in 2016 and 2018 for the same reason.

Lagosians rely on this bridge to get to the island, which is the commercial hub of Lagos State. The bridge offers beautiful views of the Lagos Lagoon, The University of Lagos Water Font, and Makoko, which is a small village built on the Lagos Lagoon.

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