What You Need To Know: Third Mainland Bridge Closure

The Lagos State government had earlier announced a partial closure of the third mainland bridge for 3 months, from 24 July to 24 October. To ensure free flow of traffic, the lagos state government has outlined alternative routes for motorists to ply with the Commissioner for transport, Oladeinde being the spokesperson. Into Ikeja and Ikorodu …

The LASTMA and new traffic fines – what you should know

The LASTMA (Lagos State Traffic Management Agency) has been revived by the new administration, with powers as high as making arrests and fines as high as N200, 000. Following a 100% increase in wages, the governor has in return, demanded an improvement in the free-flow of traffic statewide, with full enforcement of the Lagos State …

Traffic Alert!!!


Please, be advised! Those coming from the island or the national stadium through western avenue should take an alternative route as a trailer has fallen on the Ojuelegba Bridge causing heavy traffic inwards of Fadeyi.