Urgent Whatsapp update – What you need to know

Users have been asked to update their Whatsapp messaging app today following a recent security fears.

The spyware was developed by the Israeli cyber intelligence company NSO Group which gives hackers full access to an infected phone remotely, allowing them to read messages, see contacts and activate the camera.

The attack involves hackers using the WhatsApp’s voice call feature to call a device and infect it whether or not the call was picked.

WhatsApp has so far confirmed that certain users had been victims and that the bug affects all but the latest version of the app on iOS and Android.
What also said that this malicious code was discovered this month and was quickly addressed. An update to the app was released on Monday, and users have been encouraged to update their app with immediate effect.

  • What phones are affected?

All mobile devices that run the android or IOS software with Whatsapp and Whatsapp for Business installed can be affected.

  • How do I know when my phone has been affected?

If you haven’t received a call or seen a missed call notification from an unknown source, then you most likely have not been targeted. The number of people who have fallen victims is not known yet.

  • How do I protect myself?

Users are advised to check for an update manually by visiting their Playstore (Android) or Appstore (IOS) and updating their app immediately. By doing this, you are surely using the newest update released and you are free of any malicious external activities.

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