What And What Not To Do During This Lockdown Period

Let’s face it, the lock down will likely be extended by a few more days? Weeks? Months?

As of March 31st, the first day of the lockdown, Nigeria had recorded only 131 confirmed cases and 2 deaths. Less than 14 days after, there’s twice the number of cases, and triple the number of deaths.

Chances are, the lock down will be extended for a little while.

We’ve shared our thoughts on How To Build Your Person Effectvely during this lockdown. However, here are the things you should and shouldn’t do during a lockdown:

Should You Meet Up With Your Neighbors/People Who Live Close?

Certainly, so far you exhibit social distancing.

If for example you happen to meet a neighbor along the road while taking a walk, you should say hi, but at a safe distance.

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Can I let my pets socialise with others?

There have been reports of animals that have caught the coronavirus already, but there is no evidence of them being able to pass it on, so it is still okay to let your pets socialise.

Should I wash my clothes and have a shower as soon as I get in after I have been outside even if I have not touched anything?

This somewhat depends what being outside entailed. People in high-contact jobs – teachers who are still working, for instance – have been advised to keep a bin bag at their front door and their washing machine open, then strip as soon as they walk in, put all their clothes in the bag, have a shower, then wash the clothes.

If you are just going out to make an essential journey, make sure you have a jumper or coat that you wear only outdoors.

Can I have my friends around?

Absolutely not. Gatherings of more than two people are out of the question, aside from people in your household. It’s just you and your flatmates/partner/family for the foreseeable. Children whose parents live in different houses will be allowed to move between them though.

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