2019 Elections: What to expect this election week in Lagos.

It’s safe to say a lot of people are wondering how the 2019 elections are going to be, who will even become president. There have been many speculations regarding what to expect this week. So, we compiled a list of the things to expect this 2019 elections week.

Image showing what to expect in 2019 elections

Traffic We still can’t understand the correlation between the upcoming Elections and traffic. Everyone seems to be in a hurry, especially in the mornings. We highly recommend checking for the best routes to your destination via google maps during the 2019 elections. You could also tune in to Lagos Traffic Radio (96.1 FM) to stay abreast with traffic situations all over Lagos.

increase in property sales during the 2019 elections

Discounts on Property Sales                      Real Estate Agents have acknowledged the fact that there is a rush of distressed house sales. upscale properties are  being sold at very cheap prices. This is because delegates need all the money they can get to satisfy the common man and garner votes.

2019 elections will experience increase security personnel

Security Enforcement                                               You may notice more security personnel than usual on the roads during the 2019 elections week.  This is because in the past, there have been some security issues which put a lot of people at risk. The lead Election security agency remains the Nigeria Police Force while other security agencies play a supportive role.                                                     

The listed above are just our thoughts. What are yours? Let us know what you expect this 2019 elections. And what candidate are you rooting for? Please drop thoughts in the comment section.

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