Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook all down – what you should know.

Social media channels Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook are currently not working properly, with users of these mobile apps unable to view pictures, send and receive files and other content across each platform.

Facebook (the company which owns all apps with the current issue) is aware of the problem and actively working on it.

Should you come across this message below, please, desist from sharing it, as it is a false message and Facebook, Whatsapp or Instagram have not released any official statement with details of the current issue.

WhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram are all giving problems as cables at the main technology station in Midrand has been stolen. You will be unable to download images, voice notes, and documents for the time being. Please be patient and share with friends and family.”
WhatsApp Digital Director 
Tomar Nocu

Find out others that are affected here.
Watch this space for updates.

Please, share this information to those who need it, and be sure to allow our post notifications so you can stay in the know.

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Whatsapp is down!

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